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How Do I Junk My Car Near Me?

We are operational in a 50-mile radius of downtown Houston. If you are located anywhere in the vicinity, all you have to do is call, describe your car and its condition, and get a quote; 832cashforcars.com will come and buy your used car from you within 2- 3 hours.

You can also email us pictures of the vehicle at 832cashforcars@gmail.com and type a brief description, fix your preferred quote for the car, book a time that suits you and fix your deal in as little as 90 seconds.

We are competent at providing efficient service that is completely hassle-free for you. You no longer have to search for how to junk my car near me anymore as our team can help you.

With our service, you can keep all the profit and eliminate that eyesore without difficulty or stress.

Why Is It Best to Sell My Car “As-Is”?

Firstly, you will get relief from repairing your used car, meaning we will buy your car “As-Is”; therefore, you would save the mechanic’s expenses and all it takes to sell a car in running condition.

It is hard to take a hit sometimes, especially when you have done all the effort to keep your car in decent condition, but in the end, it just keeps breaking down and causing you to waste time and money.

If you do the math, there will be little difference in selling your vehicle with mechanical issues or fixing it. With us, you can get rid of a used car/truck even if it is 100 % unfixable.

It is normal to ask yourself how I can sell my car; luckily, you are at the perfect place and will not regret contacting us.

Why Choose 832cashforcars.com?

· Cash for cars is the smartest choice for people looking to sell their used cars/trucks because of its policy of instant payment at the time of pickup and our commitment to bringing you the best deal you can get for your car.

· We believe in making upfront transactions when we arrive to pick up your used or old car from your driveway. With 832cashforcars.com, you can be in complete control of the transaction.
· Our offers are reasonable as we are a family-owned company. There is no mediator in between the deal.
· You can set the time for the pickup for your convenience; our team will work on your free time.
· You will get a free towing service; even if your car still runs and drives, it will get towed away.
· You can trust us to make this experience as seamless for you as possible.

Can You Pick Up My Car Today?

Of course, if you want your car gone from the driveway in the next 2-4 hours, we would like your approval, and our reps will be sent to you. We prioritize delivering you the best of our services.

Friendly Car Buying Is Guaranteed

The most common problem most people face when contacting a car buying dealer is the non-committal attitude of the dealers. It is certainly quite irritating for a person to go alone and ask who will buy their car and then not get the right offer.

The simplicity of our way of operating is designed to facilitate the entire process from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on giving the fastest responses to your call and answering any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer towing service?

Only with the purchase of a vehicle.

Who buys cars in different states?

We have a partner who purchases used vehicles or junk cars nation-wide; please call for details.

Can I sell my vehicle to you if there is no motor?

The title must be under your name, and we will need four pictures of the vehicle and VIN.
Please call for details as most of the time it will cost more to tow it away than what it is worth.

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